Jordan Schuetz

Developer Advocate 🥑 MBA

I ❤️ Developers and love educating them through my interactive content and events. My passion to serve the developer community dates back to 2011 when I started my indie game studio which I named Ninja Pig Studios. Over the course of 5 years, I developed and self-published over 15 titles on a variety of platforms such as the Nintendo Wii U, iOS, Android, B&N NOOK, and Kindle Fire. In total, my titles acquired over a half a million paid downloads and millions have watched game play from my titles on YouTube.

I also created custom educational software that is currently being utilized by the University of California Riverside to teach business students how to code using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and consume RESTful APIs. My educational software has been used by over 16,000 University of California students since 2013 and has saved the students over $350,000 in college book fees. Additionally, LearnCS8 has helped business students get jobs in the Software Engineering and Computer Science field by giving them their first initial exposure to front end development.

Currently, I'm living and working in San Francisco at MuleSoft as a Developer Advocate! I organize 3 local community meetups which collectively have over 3,000 members, write technical content, and educate developers. I've been a featured speaker at conferences such as GDC (Game Developers Conference), Dreamforce, API World, and Cisco's DevNet to name a few. On the weekends I enjoy spending time outside with my friends and working on cars. Feel free to reach out to me anytime, I'm here to help 🥑


Meme Run 2

• Developer and creator of the Meme Run 2 video game.
• Game written in C# using the Unity game engine.
• Contracted and managed a team of artists, film experts and developers to execute this games release.

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Developer Advocate

• Developer Advocate at MuleSoft, a Salesforce Company.
• Developing technical tutorials and YouTube videos to educate developers on how to use the Anypoint Platform. Redesigning and creating content for focused on API design and development, DataWeave data-transformations, unit testing, and connecting to legacy systems/integration development.
• Technical speaker at Dreamforce and MuleSoft Connect. Organizes community meetups and speaks on topics such as scalable API and integration development.
• Improving the developer experience on by kickstarting website redesign projects and developing realtime API demos for
• Developing the booth demos and developer experience for conferences such as Dreamforce and MuleSoft Connect.

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March 2019 - Present

Developer Relations

• Responsible for developer marketing strategy which included building the PubNub Meetup Program
• Planned and executed developer events & workshops. Responsible for audience acquisition, sponsors, speakers and judges.
• Planned and presented at a minimum of one meetup per week.
• Founded San Francisco’s most attended game development meetup group and grew the community 475% in 2018.
• Speaker at GDC, Cisco’s DevNet Create, Developer Week, IoT Dev Con, and more.
• Hosted events and developed collaborative partnerships on developer content with the following companies: Tibco, Twitch, Optimizely, Sentry, IBM, Google, Magic Leap, TypeForm, SmartCar, Soracom, and Microsoft.
• Created and developed the PubNub Ambassador Program from the ground up.
• Developed and published technical content/tutorials to improve the developer experience.
• Dev Experience: Unity/C#, JavaScript, Serverless Functions, RESTful APIs, IoT/Python

March 2017 - March 2019

Founder & Developer

Developed and published an education website utilized by the University of California Riverside to teach introductory computer programing to students not in an engineering major. Over 700 students each academic quarter are required to utilize the Learn CS8 portal to learn HTML and CSS programing.

August 2013 - Present

Founder & Independent Game Developer

• Represented company at industry conventions: GDC, AnDevCon, Google I/O etc.
• Designed, programmed, published, marketed & managed over 15 games and applications
• Acquired over 500,000 collective paid downloads on all of Ninja Pig Studios products
• Coordinated cross promotional marketing business partnerships with other developers

January 2011 - January 2016


EU Business School

Masters of Business Administration
MBA in International Business
August 2016 - December 2018

University of California Riverside

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Management
Project Management
June 2017

University of California Riverside

Business Administration
Information Systems
August 2012 - May 2016


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